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Terms and Conditions

EZY DRY PLUS reserves the right to make changes to any part of these Terms and Conditions without notice.

These terms supersede any other issued by EZY DRY PLUS Services.
Terms and conditions herewith stated are not intended to limit a consumer's existing legal rights.

By ordering EZY DRY PLUS service by telephone, e-mail, fax or via this website the client agrees to be bound by these terms and conditions.

From time to time EZY DRY PLUS may partner with selected organisations who will market our brand and sell on the services we offer direct to interested parties at a heavily discounted rate, this is operated on a shared revenue basis.

Regular reviews are carried out by, EZY DRY PLUS to ensure that our share of the revenue split is sufficient to make a reasonable return on our investment, and sustain revenue for our chosen partner.

If such reviews indicate an imbalance has occurred, namely, service delivery costs exceed revenue received from partnered organisation /s, EZY DRY PLUS reserve the right to cancel such arrangements and will accept no liability to fulfil such obligations, other than those 'Currently Arranged'.

For the purpose of definition:
Currently Arranged, will mean, clients who have received an email confirming a date and time for our services, will be honoured.

It is accepted by the client that they have read & understood these terms & conditions in full, and that all services offered are done so on the basis of reasonable endeavour.
These terms and conditions shall be governed by the relevant United Kingdom law and by agreeing to be bound by them the customer agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the relevant courts of the United Kingdom.
EZY DRY PLUS is insured for public liability.


All fragile and or breakable items should be secured, or removed from the area to be cleaned by the client before commencement of operations.
EZY DRY PLUS shall not be responsible for:

  • the re-invigoration of malodours caused by hidden contamination contained within the, in the case of upholstery, fillings of cushions, and bulking foam used to pad out frameworks. In the case of carpets, this applies to carpet backing material and underlay, and in some cases, sub flooring.


  • any colour change that takes place during the cleaning process adopted by us, on carpets or upholstery that have been previously spot cleaned.



EZY DRY PLUS will provide all cleaning materials and equipment to perform the work as specified by the client. The client agrees to supply all water and power for the works to be carried out.



Furnishings should be cleaned frequently so to comply with the generally accepted industry standard practice.

This means that there are times when furnishings can be cleaned in accordance with generally accepted industry standards with due diligence and care rendering a satisfactory outcome. However the appearance of such furnishings can be negatively affected because:
Many unknown, and various, conditions involved and associated with, the blends of fibres used to construct such coverings, the age of coverings, depth and degree of soiling, soil type, external or internal environmental conditions that may exist, and or prevail.


EZY DRY PLUS cannot be held responsible for the following:

  • Ageing or deterioration of fabric
    Migrating marks from the back of fabrics to the front of said
  • Migration of unstable dyes
  • Deteriorated foam cushions
  • Restoration of white fabrics
  • Non-removal of staining due to urine or feces contamination
  • Finish or glaze loss
  • Frayed piping or welting
  • Broken or dysfunctional zips
  • Breakdown of fabric backing
  • Shrinkage
  • Removal of stains rendered permanent
  • Browning
  • Fading
  • Water marking
  • Yellowing
  • Hidden stains
  • Pre-existing wear and tear
  • Loose or broken frames and or legs
  • Loose or missing buttons
  • Loose buttons that become detached during cleaning process


Stable and unstable dyes

Loss of, and or change of colour, or bleeding of colours, should not occur during professional cleaning as long as the appropriate cleaning technique is used.
Testing and inspection procedures will identify fabrics which could develop problems with regard to the above.
If such test procedures indicate a potential for; loss of, and or change of colour, or bleeding of colours, EZY DRY PLUS will inform the Client of potential problem and only proceed with cleaning at the express wish of the Client. By giving permission, the Client releases EZY DRY PLUS of all risk associated.
Any additional risks or limitations will be discussed for your approval prior to any work commencing and by agreeing to such work EZY DRY PLUS will not be responsible for any damage caused.


Spillages and Staining

It may not be possible to remove certain spillage marks or spots from your carpet. If your carpet has become stained by a spillage, we accept no responsibility if a limited result is achieved. If spillages have been previously treated we accept no responsibility for any colour change which may occur due to cleaning.


Edges and Seams

All carpet edgings and seams should be correctly fitted and secured. It is the client's responsibility to ensure this is the case prior to cleaning. If any edgings or seams are not secure, EZY DRY PLUS will not accept any responsibility for: shrinkage, loose fibres and or, yarns becoming entangled with machinery and subsequently detached.

If such an occurrence should happen and damage is caused to the machine that EZY DRY PLUS is using to carry out the task, the Client will be fully liable for the full cost of repair or replacement, and the subsequent hire cost of replacement items of equipment. If due to the, deterioration and subsequent failure of, carpet backing, adhesive compounds or tapes, or any other method, such as stitching, employed to fasten edges and seams. EZY DRY PLUS accepts no responsibility for any movement of seems or edges.



Shrinkage can occur when carpets are steam cleaned or shampooed. EZY DRY PLUS accepts no responsibility for any shrinkage. EZY DRY PLUS will undertake to avoid any shrinkage by identifying susceptible fabrics or fibres.



We require to be notified in writing of any complaint within 1 days after completion of the cleaning work. No claims will be accepted after this time.

If the Client is dissatisfied with the work, we must be allowed to return and re-do the task at no extra charge to the client.

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