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The Most Professional Carpet Cleaning Service In Sydney

Residential Carpet Cleaning

This package comes for people living in ex-urban areas in and around Sydney. People in the residential places in Australia use this package for their general cleaning needs. This package comes at a cheaper rate as compared to commercial carpet cleaning exercise.

To ensure we give you an excellent service, our staffs at Ezy Dry Plus use the following methods to handle all your carpet cleaning needs.

  • Assessment, sorting and soaking: This is the initial procedure that our staff undertakes before they can get to the most crucial part in cleaning. First, the carpets are assessed for dirt intensity, and then sorted in groups of dirty, dirtier and dirtiest, as well as color variations. White and colorfast carpets are sorted and soaked to loosen the dirt for effective and easier cleaning.

  • Spot cleaning and perfuming: This is done a few minutes after soaking, where the cleaners identify stained spots, and then tackle them with the right detergents and tools. With this done, some scrubbing is done on the carpet to remove any dust particles and other dirt from the carpet. A deodorizing or perfuming procedure is then undertaken to ensure no odor will come from the carpets after they are dried.

  • Pressure cleaning and water extraction: This is the final procedure undertaken on all carpets. The carpets are induced under a pressure cleaning procedure to remove any dirt traces left behind from scrubbing. The carpets are then induced to a hot-water extraction procedure to facilitate easier and quicker drying.

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