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Mattress Cleaning

A mattress cleaning exercise is a mandatory and hygienically approved for health reasons. Mattresses are prone to dirt, mites and other infestations when not well taken care of. Many people rarely clean their mattresses thoroughly because it is a tedious job that requires specialization and the use of the right tools and formula for the job. We at Ezy Dry Plus have all what it takes to handle and clean your mattresses effectively. We use the most recommended and safe ways of handling dirt in these mattresses, which involves the use no non-reactive, and biodegradable solutions to clean the mattresses.

The reason why our highly trained experts use biodegradable and non-reactive detergents to clean all mattresses is because we care for allergies and people with similar problems. Since most mattresses are made with different materials, inspection is the first step that we take towards giving you an excellent service. It is only in sorting these mattresses when we can resolve to the right means of cleaning the same.

  • Why should you clean your mattresses?

  • Mattresses are homes to allergens, dust and mites, which are harmful to human beings. Using a professional to clean the mattresses at least assures you of clean sleeping foam, free from all the above mentioned menaces.

  • Dirty mattresses affect allergic persons when they sleep on the mattress, which could cause a serious problem and discomfort to that person. Cleaning the mattresses clears that out.

  • Old and dirty mattresses harbor small disease causing microorganisms, which spread some diseases. Using the right cleaning method helps get rid of these, while taking care of odor that comes from the same.

  • How we handle the job.
  • Identify the mattress.
  • Sort out according to demand and intensity of cleaning needed.
  • Pre-vacuuming and deodorizing.
  • Spot cleaning and vacuuming
  • Drying

These are the essential steps to an effective mattress cleaning exercise.

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