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Flood and Water Damage Restoration

Floods tend to bring in much damage in any house or office. The worst comes if the water gets into your office, and all the floors are carpeted. It is during times like these when you need a professional company to come and handle the water damage and restore your office in time. We at Ezy Dry Plus are always ready to handle any water and flood-related menaces, and have all the machinery and expertise to handle the work. We only employ and use the finest personnel on all fields, especially when it comes to flood related cleaning to do.

How we tackle flood and water damage.

Our company is well-equipped and prepared to handle all these menaces. When you place an order for us to handle a water-related problem in your house, we come fully loaded the soonest we can.

  • First, we inspect the apartment or house to determine what damage the water might have caused.

  • We use our machinery to pump all the water from the apartments or house, then clear off any mess that might be imminent, after that take on cleaning and drying the rugs and carpets.

  • Next, we clean the carpets, deodorize them then use dehumidifiers to take care of humidity and wetness in the house.

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