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Commercial Carpet Cleaning Package

In Ezy Dry Plus , the commercial carpet cleaning package is also known as Deluxe Carpet Cleaning. This is the most demanding part of a carpet cleaning exercise that our specialists have to handle every day. It involves cleaning carpets in hotel suits, business conference halls as well as church auditoriums. Under most circumstances, we always ensure that we use the most advanced means of cleaning these on demand carpets, which means cleaning the carpets and rendering them useable in a few hours’ time. Unlike other carpet cleaning practices that involve shampooing and heavy water usage, we specialize in using automated machinery such as the Xtreme Power Carpet Cleaner.

To ensure an effective deluxe carpet cleaning exercise for your office or auditorium, here is the extreme process undertaken to clean your carpets.

  • Carpet Sorting and Pre-Vacuuming: This is an important step in every carpet cleaning exercise. It involves sorting carpets depending on their cleaning demand. Some offices like legal offices have unmovable carpeted floors. Carpet cleaning in these offices is a bit complicated, but our cleaning teams have all the essential machinery to handle the same. To clean these offices, we use a special commercial steam carpet cleaner to clean all through the carpet. Vacuuming is initially done on these carpets to remove fine dirt and other light materials that might or could obstruct the overall cleaning process.

  • Rotary Scrubbing and Vacuuming: this is the core carpet cleaning procedure undertaken in commercial carpet cleaning. Here, we use a special kind of machinery to scrub off dirt or sticky dirt from the carpet. Cleaning under this process is intense, and time consuming, especially or extra dirty carpets. After all the rotary scrubbing is done on the carpets to satisfaction, we then use the machine to suck in all the dirt dissolved in water, leaving the carpets clean.

  • Hot-Water Extraction and Drying: once the cleaning process is completed, the experts then take on water extraction. This is a mechanical process of sucking in all the water from the carpets to prevent decay within the carpets. With our innovative ideas and use of highly advanced machinery, you can presume to use the carpet in less than three hours

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