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Carpet Cleaning Services

The methods and tools used for a carpet cleaning exercise determine how clean the carpet will be. Our staffs at Ezy Dry Plus first inspect all carpets to mark and sort carpets that need an intense cleaning, and the ones that only need minimal cleaning and deodorizing. We have sorted out the carpets; we then get to the next step, which involves using the finest method and detergent to clean these materials up. To ensure the carpet fabric is well protected against rot and moisture-related cases, we always use environment-friendly detergents, which is a sure way of making sure that the carpet doesn’t lose its color and brightness. Some of the stains that need rigorous cleaning are such as coffee, rust-related stains, blood and pet stains.

With all these stains at hand, the cleaning staff needs to be sure each is handled separately and in the right procedure. Blood stains, for example, needs a special detergent and cleaning process to remove the stain completely. It is only qualified and certified persons that can handle this, and we have just the right men for the job.

For us to offer the best services for you, we offer two carpet cleaning packages. These are

  • Residential carpet cleaning exercises
  • Commercial carpet cleaning services

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